Step away from the vending machine and have a snack that will give you energy and help you shed a few pounds.  So why do most of us reach for an unhealthy snack?  Because we’re not prepared.  Somehow, we ‘re surprised when 2 or 3pm rolls around and we’re hungry.  If it happens most days, than maybe it’s a sign to bring a snack to work or have them ready in the fridge so you don’t reach for something you’ll regret later.

These are my personal favorites that are delicious and are filling.  Don’t miss my bonus tips for added weight loss below.
1.  Hummus Deviled Eggs – This is my new (seasonal) favorite and will fill you up!  Eggs are full of selenium, B12, folate and of course protein (recommended for chemotherapy and renal patients).  Hummus is high in fiber and protein, and full of healthy fats to lower cholesterol and help manage blood sugar for diabetics.  Take 2 peeled hardboiled eggs, which most of us will have laying around, cut in them half and ditch the yolk.  Put ½ Tbsp Hummus in each egg white half.  Total calories: 102 – for 4 halves!  Click here for Hummus Recipe!

2.  Shrimp Mocktail – Yep.  They are a great source of antioxidants!  Packed with selenium, which is known to reduce risk of some cancers, iodine which is great for Thyroid function and astaxanthin which protects skin from anti-aging.  Dip in Salsa, (1Tbsp) Pesto or Sriracha.   (Note: Pesto can have up to 80 calories for 1Tbsp, luckily you don’t need much)  If you want traditional shrimp cocktail, buy a sugar free cocktail sauce.  Don’t go for the regular cocktail sauce, it’s loaded with sugar.   Total calories for 10 medium sized shrimp, 60 Calories.  Throw in some celery and carrots to round out your snack.
3.  Apples and All Natural Peanut Butter – A classic for a reason.  An apple has 4 grams of fiber, almost ¼ of the fiber you need for an entire day.  Not to mention the immune boosting vitamin C and high in potassium which helps lower your blood pressure.   A study in the Journal of Biological Chemistry found that piceatannol a compound found in peanuts, has the ability to block fat formation in the body.  Not to mention it is packed with protein and healthy fats.  No, more isn’t better. Limit yourself to 1 Tbsp a day.  Total calories:  195

4.  Chewy Dark Chocolate Clusters – I had to throw in a sweet snack.   Mix together 70% dark chocolate or cocao nibs, rolled oats, almond butter and dried fruit and you have yourself a sweet snack that will kill your sugar craving and keep you going until your next meal.  Oats help you control your blood sugar and better yet, will keep you full.  Nuts and nut butters are high in protein, fiber, and monounsaturated fats.  Dark chocolate is full of antioxidants and is good for your heart, brain and soul. Click here for full recipe.
5.  Soup! –You will hear me rave about soup.  Once a hater, I have come to love and crave a good bowl of soup.  First benefit, its cheap.  Keep it broth based and loaded with veggies, and you’ll get a ton of nutrients from the vegetables.  Feel free to throw in lean cuts of meats. Make a huge pot on Sunday and you’ll have it for lunches or snacks all week then freeze what you don’t use.  Worse case, grab a can of soup.  Just make sure that the sodium is less than 450-500mg per serving.  Get soup recipe now!

BONUS tips:

  • We often confuse thirst and hunger.  When you are starting to get hungry and/or tired in the afternoon, drink 16 oz of water and wait 5 minutes.  Then gauge your hunger.  You may still need a snack, but maybe half the size.
  • Take 15-20 minutes to eat your snack.  It’s slightly awkward at first, but doing this with any meal, including a snack will let your body properly gauge it’s hunger.
  • Plan ahead.  You’ll hear me say it over and over because it’s true.  I’ve been so busy that I forget to eat and suddenly my body is starving, I’m crabby (to say the least).  I try to keep a bag of nuts and goji berries in my purse and car just in case.
Best Wishes!
April Madden



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