I’ve heard it said over and over again eating healthy is expensive, but it doesn’t have to be.
Always, the number-one tip to save money?  Plan ahead! Plan out your meals for the week, make your list and stick to it.  It really is that easy.   This also implies that you will be cooking at home which saves you a fortune.  When you plan your meals, try using a few of the same ingredients in your meals or plan meals that reheat well to take for lunch the next day.  At the end of a few days take all the remaining veggies in your crisper and make a stir fry or a soup so they don’t go to waste.

Don’t give into the latest fad Super Food.  I love Dr. Oz, but have you ever ran out to purchase the latest trendy super food that will “cure you” only to have it sit on your shelf or in your fridge and expire?   Don't get me wrong, some of them are amazing, but they can also be expensive, not great for those times when we need to tighten the purse strings.  There are plenty of foods that are super that will keep you and your family healthy without breaking the budget.  My favorite (usable) super foods that won’t break your bank, all under $1 per serving:

  • Organic Quinoa $9.77/4lbs ($0.25 per serving)
  • Eggs, Free Range  $3.50/12  ($0.29 per serving)
  • Organic Beans  $1.24/can ($0.35 per serving)
  • Organic Greens - Collard, Mustard, Kale  $3.99/lb ($1 per serving)
  • Organic Spinach  $2.49/lb ($0.41 per serving)
  • Organic Red Bell Pepper  $1.99/lb  ($0.60 per serving)
  • Sweet Potatoes  $1.30/pound ($0.65 per serving)
Meatless Mondays, Wednesday’s and Fridays?  I’m not exactly sure why people are afraid of leaving meat off the plate but once you give it a try, it’s easier and tastier than you think.  Let’s face it, meat is expensive, or can be.  If your worried about not getting enough protein, add in kidney beans that have about 13g of protein per cup, both lentils and quinoa pack in 18g of protein and low carb tortillas have 30g!  Don’t tell your family, they won’t notice!  For ideas on meatless meals, check out my vegetarian and vegan recipes.

Finally, be sure to get the most bang for your buck when you go organic.  Everyone should know the dirty dozen foods to always buy organic because of the high levels of pesticide exposure.  The clean 15 are fruits and vegetables that are the lowest in pesticide contamination which means you don't have to purchase organic and can save you a little money at the register.
I look forward to hearing from you soon!

April Madden


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