Welcome!I couldn't think of a better day to start my blog than the first day of Spring!  A time for renewal, rejuvenation, resurrection and growth.  

We’ve all heard about Cleanses and Detox Diets.  They are designed to flush your body of toxins, improve your immune system, aid in digestion, increase energy, and even make you lose a few pounds.  Even I offer these programs in my Health Coaching practice.  But these programs aren’t right for everyone and you don’t need to go to extremes to reap the health benefits.

A full body cleanse can be stressful on the body, mind and spirit when you’re eliminating toxins from your organs.  People commonly have diarrhea, skin breakouts, headaches, extreme fatigue and moodiness.  Sound like fun yet?  A full body detox is typically best for someone who already leads a healthy life-style; free of alcohol, nicotine and processed foods.  If you want to go “all-in” your first go, please consult with me or another nutritionist, naturopath or physician to find the best plan for you

So what can you do to detox your body without putting your body through Armageddon?  Here are 10 tips to give your body a boost and you’ll see results in 7 days!

1. Fresh squeezed please!  Start your day with 16oz of water with 1 fresh squeezed lemon on an empty stomach.  Wait 20 minutes before eating breakfast. Drink it throughout the day for a added boost to your detox as long as it doesn't irritate your tummy too much.

2. Hydrate!  We’ve all heard it, 8-8oz glasses a day.  Why?  Your liver takes fat-soluble toxins and turns them water-soluble so your kidneys can get rid of them through sweat, urine or poop. (Yes I said poop!)  Without enough water, your body holds onto these toxins.  You don’t want that.

3. Eat your fruits and veggies; 5 servings minimum per day, shoot for 9!  Refer to my sample menu for ideas on how to get there.

4. Eliminate caffeine, soda and alcohol!  Whining usually starts here.  If you usually drink several cups of coffee a day, just try reducing to 1 cup then switch to herbal teas.  Swap natural, unsweetened iced teas for soda and decaf green tea at night in place of my (I mean Your) big glass of wine.

5. Avoid ALL processed, packaged, pre-prepared foods.  Yes, even if on the box they say “natural”, “organic” or “multigrain”.  These are their genius marketing terms to make you feel like you’re eating real food. (You’re not.)

6. Absolutely no white!  No (refined) white flour, no white sugar, no cocaine.  Kidding, but not?!  Replace white flour with whole wheat or better yet, brown rice flour or quinoa flour.  Replace white sugar with coconut sugar, (100% pure) maple syrup or agave nectar.


7. Reduce Wheat.  Replace with brown rice, black rice, quinoa, ancient grain breads and buckwheat noodles.  They are becoming easier to find; even Costco now carries ancient grain noodles, black rice and quinoa.

8. Limit (or avoid) Meat and Dairy.  Swap in beans, fish, eggs or tofu.  Dairy is tough to swap; many products are awful so try to cut it cold turkey.

9. Walk don’t’ run!  It’s actually best to keep your activity low the first few days on a detox or when drastically changing your eating habits.  That doesn’t mean sit on the sofa all day; take 1-2 brisk walks and stretch for 15 minutes.  After 3 days it’s back to 30 minutes a day of breaking a sweat!

10. Count backwards!  That is, from the time you have to wake up.  Lights out 8 ½ hours before you need to be awake.  This will allow you 30 minutes to fall asleep or an extra ½ hour of sleep, which we all could use!

**Bonus tip!  Milk Thistle supplements are great for additional liver support for times when you’ve possibly been over indulging on too much rich food or alcohol.

I recommend following this program for at least 7 days, but this plan is sustainable for a lifetime of optimum health.  The longer you stick with this, as closely as you can, the better you will feel.  Can’t master them all for 7 days straight?  It’s OK.  If you only did 5 steps this time, you’re still getting health benefits.  Aim for 7 next time and focus on progress!
Breakfast: 3 egg white omelet with spinach,  mushrooms & red pepper. (I also smother mine with Cholula, yum!)

Lunch: Vegetable soup and a big salad packed with veggies

Snack: Apple & raw nuts
Carrots (or red pepper strips) & Hummus
Juice or Smoothie

Dinner: Vegetable & kidney bean stir fry over brown rice (click here for recipe)

Are you ready for a full body cleanse?  Email me now at april@destinationwellness.com to get started!


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